Free 8.0 WLAN Delta Webinar from CISCO

Great opportunity! You will find here access to “delta” webinar on what’s new in the 8.0 WLAN release to Cisco customers. The webinar is offered at no charge to the attendees. Ask for the registration links at the bottom of this site, we’ll give you the links and a detailed description of days and times.

Primary Audience: Customer IT/Operations personnel and WLAN upgrade decision-makers
Secondary Audience: Partner SEs and FEs
Tertiary Audience: Cisco employees who work with WLANs
Prerequisite Skills & Knowledge: Familiar with the day to day operations of the 7.x WLAN
Date/Time: The same topic will be covered twice per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

September 30 through October 3 (2 hours per day)
Morning session: 5:00 – 7:00 pst
Afternoon session: 4:00 – 6:00 pst

Learning Objective: As a result of participating in this training, you should be able to identify the major changes in Cisco WLAN Release 8.0 from previous 7.x releases. It is our intent that the webinar will help you make decisions about adoption of 8.0 in your networks.
Description: This “delta” webinar covering what is new in Cisco Wireless LAN Release 8.0 will give wireless network decision-makers and operations personnel already familiar with today’s 7.x WLAN an overview of the new features and enhancements in 8.0 – what they are, what they do, and a high-level explanation of how to implement them successfully.

Wireless training experts Jerome Henry and James Noxon will present the following topics:

• Day 1 – AP features: CleanAir Express, Office Extend AP enhancements (firewall, split tunneling), 702W VLAN support, FlexConnect (VideoStream enhancement, faster time to deploy, proxy ARP, Flex on mesh), mesh fast convergence, Autonomous code (IOS 15.3.3) enhancements

• Day 2 – MSE/CMX enhancements: FastLocate (Packet RSSI Location), Presence Analytics, Visitor Connect Updates, Facebook for Wi-Fi, CMX SDK overview

• Day 3 – WLC new features: vWLC scale enhancements, CAPWAP data keepalive, PPoE on Flex, wired guest support on 2500, RADIUS accounting VSAs, HTTPS support for WebAuth, ease of management enhancements, local profiling OUI update list, 802.11v support, 802.11r enhancement, DHCP relay enhancement, IPv6 support on WLCs and APs

• Day 4 – RF and client support enhancements: DCA in RF Profiles, RX_SOP, Optimized Roaming, HA enhancements, QinQ Tagging support, Bonjour, AVC phases 3

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